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Dan Bongino

By @orangeone4

Daniel Bongino, a Constitutional Conservative candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, honors America and everything She stands for like no other Congressional candidate I’ve encountered.

Bongino on Beck

Journey Begins For a Better Tomorrow

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino knows first hand the threats that face our country, both foreign and domestic.  Swearing an oath to protect and defend, risking his life daily to protect three Presidents, makes Daniel uniquely qualified and the best representative Maryland could have in Congress.

Meet Dan’s Beautiful Family

Dan Bongino family

Dan and his beautiful wife Paula are raising their two adorable blessings from God. They also run a successful small business, manage his campaign and are active in their church.

Compelled To Run

“We are a near lawless administration right now. They’ve really ignored the Constitution…He’s using government as a weapon against the American people.  This is really unprecedented.”

Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District

Maryland’s Sixth Congressional district includes Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties and portions of Montgomery and Frederick counties.  Located in the northwest corner of the state, Bongino seeks to unseat first-term Democrat and Obama supporter John Delaney and flip the county back to Conservative!

MD D-6 By Tea Party Patriot @Bastiat_Admirer

MD D-6 By Tea Party Patriot @Bastiat_Admirer


Dedicated Life to Public Protection and Service

*  Former NYPD Officer

–>  worked street patrol

–>  undercover operations service

*  Special Agent for the US Secret Service

–>  investigated federal crimes including computer crimes, bank fraud, credit card fraud, protective intelligence and counterfeiting

–>  signature Secret Service Agent investigation (details official use only) was joint investigation with FBI, IRS, SSA and numerous local police agencies; involved $300 million + in potential financial fraud and nexus to international terrorism; resulted in collapse of major international fraud ring

–>  awarded Department of Justice recognition award for his signature investigation

–>  Secret Service Training Academy instructor and project manager for re-design of investigative tactics training program

*  Elite Presidential Detail

–>  Graduated from detail training program at the top of his class

–>  One of the earliest tenured Special Agents responsible for operational section of protective detail

–>  Lead security representative for foreign presidential visits

–>  Highest ranking member of operational shift of agents during change in Presidential administrations

*  US Secret Service Special Agent in Baltimore Field Office

–>  responsible for shattering one of the largest devastating fraud rings in Maryland, with in excess of 1,500 victims http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-03-24/news/bs-md-hermann-car-loan-scheme-20110324_1_feds-bust-rental-car-rental-agencies


*  Numerous official commendations while an officer with the NYPD

*  Secret Service-specific awards for excellence in federal investigations

*  One of the most distinguished protective detail agents

Educational Degrees and Honors

*  Graduated from Police Academy with honors, patrolled streets of Brooklyn, New York for two years witnessing devastation to our citizens because of failed public policy

*  As a Police Cadet, he was a member of the distinguished pattern identification unit specializing in identification and apprehension of serial criminals

*  Worked for the NYPD as a Police Cadet while attending college and graduate school full-time

*  Graduated Secret Service training academy with honors

*  Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, Neuro-Psychology and Behavioral Learning concentrations

*  Master’s degree in Business Administration from Penn State University, one of the top in his class

Dan’s Conservative Positions That Lead to Economic Growth

Tax Reform

  • Lower rates
  • Broaden tax base
  • Eliminate deductions that benefit crony-capitalists
  • Simple and fair tax code
  • Spur domestic and international business investment

Immigration Reform

  • Legal immigration
  • Breaking our laws is unacceptable
  • National priority to secure border to stop trespassing and narco-trafficking
  • Streamline legal immigration process for law-abiding immigrants


  • National priority
  • Quality education, heavy focus on science, mathematics, engineering
  • Expansion of high quality charter schools and scholarships
  • Parental involvement in child’s education
  • Merit-based system for teachers

Energy Independence

  • Reducing foreign dependence are both national security and economic issue
  • Free market system
  • Responsible oil and natural gas production
  • Clean and renewable energy
  • No governmental involvement and interference

Dan’s Viral Impromptu Second Amendment Speech

There is only one man that can bring the passion of the freedoms in the United States of America and what it means to fight for liberty and that is Dan Bongino.  A former Secret Service, he is well aware of what it means to risk your life daily for America’s liberty. Watch Dan’s impromptu Guns Across America rally speech where he calls Obama’s gun grab exactly what it is “People Control”.

Phenomenal Positions

National Debt

Citing former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, Dan Bongino reinforces that the $17+ Trillion in national debt is the greatest national security threat to our country and further believes that the nation’s debt is both fiscally irresponsible and immoral. Dan’s priority: “Get our fiscal house in order by reducing overall spending levels.”

Abolish The IRS

Joining many elected officials and impassioned Americans, Dan Bongino brought the crowd to roaring cheers at the Tea Party rally to abolish the IRS.

“Remember what this fight’s about.  This fight is about that (pointing to Old Glory).  That’s not a flag.  That is an idea.   You pledge allegiance to an idea.  The idea that you need to this place, right now, at this time, that your liberty is the number one priority your government has to preserve, not attack you for believing in what you believe in.  That Constitution folks was not a suggestion. That Constitution is one of the few documents that limits them, not you.  People have fought and died for that idea folks.  That means something.  We are the exception, we are not the rule.  It is worth fighting for, cede no ground in this fight and thank you God for showing up, and it’s an honor to fight with you.”


Phony Scandals Don’t Come Home in  Body Bags

Dan’s Pledge and Sincerity

Bongino on Benghazi

Personal Impacts of ObamaCare to the Bongino Family

Show Your Support

Share this blog link and Dan’s contact information with your friends and family members. Working together, we can see Dan Bongino sworn in as a member of Congress in January 2015.

You can donate to Dan’s campaign here, order his new must-read book “Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All” at amazon.com in either hardcover or the Kindle edition here, commit to Dan by texting BONGINO to 33733.

Learn More

Read more about Dan Bongino, his positions and his blog at his website, LIKE him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @dbongino.

Share this blog link and Dan’s contact information with your friends and family members. Working together, we can see Dan Bongino sworn in as a member of Congress in January 2015.

FourCornersUSA will continue to follow Dan Bongino in his journey to the US Congress!



  1. Karol

    I am very proud to have Dan represent MD in our Congress. It is for sure he is the type of person we need. It is a real pleasure to have him in MD and know he and his family are here. My family and I support him 100%.

    • orangeone4

      Thank you for posting! Please let us know how we can continue to spotlight this great man through his candidacy. We’ll continue to have update blogs for certain, including one when I finish his must-read new book! If you are on Twitter, follow us at @fourcornersusa1 and me at @orangeone4. If you are not on Twitter, feel free to post a comment with links to information you would like us to include in future blog posts.

  2. aloha96816

    I don’t live in MD but wish I could vote for him. I wish him all the best and will follow his journey.

    • orangeone4

      Thank you for your great comment. The best way those of us that do not reside in his district can help is to use social media to disseminate his positions and dedication to America!

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