FLASHBACK: A Press Scorned

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UPDATE: The press continues to increase scrutiny of the Obama administration. Since this blog was first posted, the mainstream media has broken multiple stories involving misleading information, inappropriate snooping, abuse of press freedoms and outright lies. It’s become so common that we will analyze it here frequently. Watch for our press wrap ups. Feeling pretty good about these early predictions below.

More proof that the seizure of AP and Fox News records may not have been the Obama Administration’s wisest move, Fox or not. FOIAs are flying, the latest of which revealed the keywords that constitute ‘reasonable suspicion’ for NSA PRISM program.

FOIAs Sail through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

If you’ve noticed, each time there is a new leak, a denial or revelation during a House hearing, subsequent revelations follow. Most, if not all, of these post shocker revelations expose further details bout the the topic at hand. Many of them are FOIA enabled. Others are products of follow-up leaks and fact-checks. Let’s look at an example.

Panetta revealed the identity of SEAL team 6 members

This leak was always blamed on Joe Biden. True, Biden revealed the number of the SEAL team to media shortly after the raid, but he was not the real culprit. This particular story regarding Panetta surfaced, however, immediately after David Gregory, ABC News, claimed Panetta was the impetus for the Rosen investigation. Almost immediately the story of Panetta’s unfortunate remarks emerged. (Yes, I did just link to Politico to show how far this thing has gone.) In addition to putting American military families in danger, Panetta revealed secret and top secret information in his public comments to a crowd that included attendees with no security clearance at all!

But this was not a new story. The media had heard about this leak. I had heard about it. But the MSM chose not to report it. That love affair is clearly over.

I believe this revelation was the product of a follow-up leak, but could have been a simple fact check of Panetta’s history with leaks. Either way, these are both activities in which the mainstream rarely engaged with regards to this administration. Previously.

Whistleblowers Take Flight

Whistleblowers from either the NSA or Verizon OGC, wanted to tell the story of PRISM. Clapper was asked by Congress and denied the existence of such a program. But with all the surveillance and investigation of reporters where would a whistleblower go with that explosive info? Wisely, the UK. the Guardian, a UK Media outlet, broke the PRISM story. And what a story it was.

Our government has not only lied to us about the nature of Patriot Act enabled surveillance, they’ve pushed the limits of that legislation, according to its architect, beyond what it was attended to allow.

As if that were not bad enough, former NSA employees have stepped forward, embraced by the scorned media, to explain the nature of the information gathered. PRISM meta data can actually, aided by the super computers that run it, reveal much more about you than the actual content of your communication. The administration is hiding this fact, but I don’t think that will last long.

This story was initially generated by a leak, later aided by FOIA requests. Though congress says PRISM is nothing new, and the story was originally identified by conservative sources in September 2012, the administration feels this is a leak worth investigating and vows to prosecute. Give us a break.

What’s next?

Only time will tell. One thing is for certain: the First Amendment, the entire Bill of Rights, is under attack. Foolishly, arrogantly, this administration believed that they could abuse the freedoms of the press in the process.

One thing you can never do with the press is lie. They hate it. It truly keeps me going, just knowing there will be another story breaking any minute now…