Media Wrap Up: December 3, 2013

There is only one real story from last week, and it is a continuing theme from the week before. As you’ll remember, our November 25 Wrap Up included a story or two regarding the Obama Administration’s manipulation of the press. First they investigate, wire tap, and illegally seize their property; they stonewall all their questions; and last week, they close photographer access. Then, they hit a holiday triple.

We all know the trick. You don’t have to be a Public Relations professional. The 4:00 PM Friday press release is a well known tactic-even better if you can take advantage of a national holiday with significant weather challenges and travel. This is what the Executive branch did over the Thanksgiving weekend, not just once, but 3 times.

1.) Small business owners will have to wait 1 year before accessing
This again, is not about big corporate employers. They are all safe in their self insured plans. This is about employees of franchisers that provide opportunities for entrepreneurs like Papa John’s, of mid-sized retailers, of small mom and pop business that have been providing insurance for their employees for decades. These employees and their employers have been waiting, via direction from the government and their insurance companies (that also received their direction from the government). So what was buried here? That millions of Americans, those who have jobs and those who create them, are out in the cold. Employees and organizations who previously had insurance with which – we would have to assume via the polling – at least 60% of them were happy.

2.) New IRS rules on C4s
Not that any of the mainstream media really cared about this anyway. They were as hungry to see the Tea Party get the Weather Underground treatment as anyone on the left, but this is a big deal. There are dozens of cases pending against the IRS directly related to these rules. Changing those rules mid-game is a big deal, legally speaking. When we say this executive administration is like Nixon on steroids, this is exactly what we mean. It’s like illegally wire tapping a person to obtain probable cause to legally wire tap them. Oh, wait, they did that, too.

Keep in mind that the new rules open the legal door to further debate of social welfare, which will be argued, in and out of the media.

3.) The Slow Creep…information over the holiday that the site may not be, really, all that usable at all via the Washington Post.

A week that started with the message ‘Talk about ACA over holiday dinner, ended with a “Well, I never said that it would work perfectly…” from Jay Carney. Slowly, starting about Tuesday, the administration started to dial back its much self-heralded success regarding its self imposed relaunch of Slowly, the week turned to..the reports of the site still containing errors rolled out. So, over the weekend – again, a self imposed deadline over a holiday weekend – that’s offshore timing – turned out to be right. The week ended on Twitter…

Except for #3, if you were not watching Fox News, you did not see any of the stories above. So, the one, real story from last week? This administration plans to use every trick in the book to implement as many game-changers as possible, and the people are at the mercy of a barely free press.

The mainstream press is not quite run by the government, but nearly as one-sided as if it were – going after  stories only begrudgingly if they may have a negative impact on public opinion toward the president and looking for any excuse to ignore a negative story or swiftly move to the next thing.