North Carolina Senate Race – December 2013

North Carolina seems to be coming up anyone but Hagan. My gut tells me NC will have at least one good conservative in the Senate, no matter who wins the GOP primary. The below candidate profiles are definitely  in a particular order: they are the Democrat targets, from hottest to not too hot – yet.

I’m not going to try to tell you for whom to vote. I, for one, believe you are all quite capable of making that decision yourselves. I will give you my take on some top contenders, local favorites, hot topics . In my humble opinion, these candidates should all make us proud.

I will ask you to keep this in mind, though: Hagan is counting on the Republican field beating each other up before anyone gets a shot at her. Liberal PPP December Report admits as much. But, regardless of the positive spin PPP tries to put on the report, Hagan is virtually tied with her opponents, even though most voters have little idea of whether or not they approve of the opponent. At the same time, Hagan’s approval rating is lower than her disapproval, which is a whopping 49%, the highest of all the candidates polled.

Most, 43%, of respondents to this poll were Democrats – exactly the percentage of people that would vote for her, regardless of the opponent (The exception was Thom Tillis. Somehow Hagan gained 1%, most likely from the independents.), and exactly the percentage of people that approve of the job she is doing. Other respondents: 34% Republican, 23% independent.

Also fascinating is the doubling of the sample size over the November polling. Why did PPP double the sample size over every other poll in the last twelve months? Maybe it’s a common practice, 11 months from the election. Please comment if you know.

Thom Tillis: Hagan’s favorite punching bag, and maybe the early front runner for far right bashing. The latter really confuses me, though. This guy is a veto-buster with a super majority who introduced a bill to limit his own term as NC House Speaker. He’s a short timer, not a career politician, and he has proven that he keeps promises and doesn’t back down. Again, a veto-buster 7 times over. His views are nothing but conservative.

Yes, Speaker Tillis is drawing from his business network to help him raise a campaign fund to rival Hagan’s massive war chest, but that’s certainly no reason to beat him up. Don’t believe me? Check out what the Washington Post – the mainstay, left leaning MSM to beat all others – has to say. Or, and this should really scare you, the Daily Kos.

You can see that the heart of the TEA Party controversy surrounding Speaker Tillis is his endorsement from Karl Rove. So, Karl Rove came to town to speak at a Tillis event and endorsed him. So what? Proceed with caution. Don’t get sucked into the #crushRove tweet fest. If he’s irrelevant, he’s irrelevant, and his endorsements are as well. To write off a candidate just because Rove endorsed him – well, that is worse than voting for a candidate just because Rove endorsed him.

Reverend Mark Harris: A pastor from Charlotte, there is plenty of controversy around Mark Harris. His grassroots work to push the Gay Marriage Ban in North Carolina is probably to blame. The National Journal actually feature him in an attack piece.

But Mark Harris is a Baptist pastor. If you’ve ever known one, that is what is always fist and foremost in their minds. They serve God first, as they should. Though the controversy will no doubt continue, it is really little more than an attack on the candidate’s religions beliefs, which is wrong in my humble opinion. He has the right to his religious beliefs, and you have the right to decide whether you want that or not. If you do, he is probably your guy. Here is an interview from TEA Party Express to help you decide.

Dr. Greg Brannon: A physician from Cary, the second most populous city in the Raleigh-Durham area, Dr. Brannon is extremely popular, especially among the more conservative demographics. More importantly, I think, is his popularity among his patients, peers, neighbors and fellow Cary residents. The people who know him best, seem to like him most. That says a great deal about the man. He seems to be pretty well organized, and his website will fill you in on his positions. He’s also received some pretty coveted endorsements from conservative heavy hitters like Rand Paul.

He is common sense, straight forward, and humble. I have met him, I have friends who are his patients. Every word I have ever heard about him is positive. I have listened to him on the Bill LuMay show on WPTF – Raleigh, and he comes across as genuine in the media as he does in person, imbuing all those qualities of his reputation. He is probably the TEA Party favorite, I think. It’s kind of hard to tell since the real TEA Party is just a collection of people that really have their own individual ideas of everything.

Heather Grant: A nurse, a soldier, a commander. This Carolina girl has a very impressive resume. Plus, she seems really sweet. I’ll go ahead and admit, she’s my sentimental favorite. But, on the other hand, I want her to stay in North Carolina. I don’t think DC deserves her yet.

Also a favorite of some TEA Party affiliated voters, Heather should be a strong candidate. If elected, I believe she would be a strong representative of North Carolina. From her resume, it’s apparent that Heather has worked hard and had a long road, that she turned into a successful and honorable career. Someone like that will do well wherever she goes. I would be proud to have her represent me. Here is her platform.

Bill Flynn: Now Bill is truly an interesting candidate. A conservative talk show host – we certainly have our share of local talk in NC – Bill has all the right conservative take on the issues. One would think his name recognition would be higher – refer to the PPP poll. I’ve never listened to any of Bill’s shows, but I think there is more that we need to know about him as a candidate and possible Senator. His views are conservative but he has not, like his opponents, stated a position on Immigration Reform, illegal immigration or amnesty for illegals. He seems to be running, primarily, on repealing the ACA (Obamacare).

But he’s a Tar Heel, and I really like that!

What we really have to watch out for in this race, is allowing the opposition to convince us that the campaigns, pundits and Twitter stars need to beat up on this candidate or that one. Our GOP primary choices in North Carolina are really good ones. We have the unique opportunity to each learn their positions and values, consider how they align with our own values, follow our gut, and cast our vote for the person we feel compelled to support – and know that we will end up with a good conservative representing us regardless of who wins. Getting rid of Kay Hagan should be our first priority.

I am definitely not going to let the Daily KOS convince me that Karl Rove likes Thom Tillis so I shouldn’t, nor will I listen to the National Journal when it calls Mark Harris a flamethrower. And I’m certainly not going to fall in line with any group that agrees with them.

A future issue we’ll be following – the Federal Government’s lawsuit against the NC Voter ID law – and the timing of that case.



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