Remarkable Man – Daniel Bongino in 2014

Dan Bongino

December 5, 2013 Interview with Glenn Beck

Watch the courtesy clip here.

Fantastic Standing Room Only Fundraiser in Potomac

How I wish I lived closer to Maryland. What a team of patriots, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and MD-6 Congressional candidate Daniel Bongino, a man that has dedicated his life to serving and truly protecting America.  Check out the fantastic coverage by the Maryland Gazette (@MDGazette).  Summed up like only Representative Gohmert can do, he said this about Dan Bongino:

“Maryland needs Bongino in Congress…Could we possibly do better than someone who’s willing to take a bullet for his country?”

Upcoming Events

Turning the Tides 2014

Breaking News from must-follow on Twitter @waynedupreeshow: Bongino will be speaking at Turning the Tides 2014” Conference for Maryland Conservatives on January 10 or 11, 2013 at the Annapolis DoubleTree Hotel, Annapolis, MD!  Follow @TheMDCAN for up-to-date information on the conference.

Great opportunity to meet both Dan Bongino and Allen West on January 16, 2014!

On March 1, 2014, Bongino will be speaking at the Union County North Carolina GOP’s Lincoln Reagan Day dinner!

ICYMI – Dan Bongino Hosting Mark Levin Show Rewind

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