NC Senate – January 4

This week, Thom Tillis released the first of what will probably be many advertisements promoting his run for U.S. Senate representing North Carolina. Another milestone in this race that can’t move fast enough for me, he is also the first candidate in the Republican field, vast and impressive, to release an ad.

Yes, Thom, it’s time to clean up the mess created by Democrats. Are you up to the challenge?

And what’s the beltline take on the story?

So what are they Missing?

For one thing, they are missing the point that, even though Tillis faces a tough primary with some pretty popular conservatives that is, at best, tight, he is not attacking his primary competition, he’s going straight for Hagan. Hooray! This must be driving the Washington blue elites crazy. They’re banking on the field beating each other up, making accusations and fabricating attacks, to define the Senate campaign. I think they better find a different bank.

As I mentioned in my previous post on the NC Senate Race, all Republicans really need to do is focus on is Hagan, don’t destroy each other, and the rest will likely to take care of itself.

Has Tillis’ Campaign Manager been reading my blog? Doubtful! I’m hoping it’s just that obvious, to everyone. But read how Jordan Shaw handles the baiting by local CBS outlet WRAL. I am just ecstatic that these guys are going to hone in on Hagan rather than each other, at least early on. Sure, they’ll have to start differentiating at some point, but starting with Hagan is the absolute right way to go. Jordan shows resolve in resisting the temptations of the local Raleigh media, and lets hope that sticks. It’s the right thing to do for North Carolina, and the way to ensure Hagan is defeated in November.

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