Single Payer from a Brit’s perspective: You’re not missing anything

Mary Gauguin

A question to America: What if Obamacare isn’t the endgame? What if Democrats touting reform know and accept that Obamacare can never work efficiently? And what if, knowing that, the bigger picture they have in mind for America is a system we in the United Kingdom affectionately (better yet, slavishly) call the National Health Service? That’s right; something known to you, our American friends, as “Single Payer” Healthcare.

Well, if you do enough digging around on the internet, you’ll come across politians confessing to this as being their ultimate goal for the American healthcare system. An example: Recently, Senator Harry Reid said “What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever.” Asked if the ultimate direction in which he wanted to head was universal coverage he said: “Absolutely yes.”

I myself do not doubt the alertness of many Americans to the intentions of those on the left. However, just in case that alertness might be waning, especially considering the constant barrage of scandals and outrages from Washington daily, I wish to jolt you back up with this incredible recent report from the British Daily Telegraph newspaper: Inspectors Find Maggots In Treatment Rooms And Endless Queues.

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, then here’s a snippet of it:
“The [inspection] visits uncovered vaccines stored at unsafe temperatures, leaving children exposed to deadly diseases, and doctors unable to use basic life-saving equipment. Some GPs were accused of “tick-box” attitudes that left cancers undiagnosed.

In one Nottingham surgery, live maggots and dead insects were found in a treatment room, while blood and other samples were stored in a dirty utility room. One practice in Essex was forced to close after inspectors found that there were no doors on its consultation rooms, denying patients basic privacy.

Patients at a Birmingham practice found it so difficult to secure an appointment that they queued for hours outside, with some bringing stools to sit on. At another surgery in the city, Kingshurst Medical Practice, two doctors each referred the other to the General Medical Council on grounds of incompetence.

At a Leeds practice, inspectors found no doctors on the premises during working hours.”

Read it America. Read it and weep. Then slap yourself back to calmness, get a grip and do something about Obamacare. 2014 is the year in which the stalwart people of your nation must elect an Impeachment Congress; rid yourselves of this dangerous administration and repeal Obamacare. Harry Reid might deem this disgraceful law as a stepping stone to single payer. But you must let him know, it is simply a stepping stone too far.