UPDATED: CA Carry Holders 2, CA Sheriffs ZERO

By @Orangeone4


From the Calgun’s Foundation:

The Second Amendment Foundation and The Calguns Foundation earned a significant victory today when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the case of Richards v. Prieto, challenging the handgun carry license issuing policy of Yolo County, California, Sheriff Ed Prieto.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb stated in the press release:

“California officials have been put on notice that they can no longer treat the Second Amendment as a heavily-regulated government privilege.”

Prior Blog

One of the most liberal appellate courts, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, recently dealt a death blow to uber-liberal California.  In 2009, the Calguns Foundation, the Second Amendment Foundation (“SAF”) and a number of individual plaintiffs, filed suit against  Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness and Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto and their unconstitutional “good cause” and “good moral character” application requirements for a handgun carry permit.  Sacramento County settled while Yolo County stood firm.

A similar lawsuit was filed against the San Diego County Sheriff by Mr. Edward Peruta and joined by the NRA, shortly thereafter.  Fully loaded with their Constitutional arguments and strong legal team, Mr. Peruta  and the NRA successfully argued before the Ninth Circuit.  The Court’s recent decision found San Diego County’s position unconstitutional.  Following in Barack Obama’s footsteps, Breitbart reports the San Diego County sheriff is ignoring the appeallate court’s decision and still requiring a “good cause” reason on the application.    Breitbart also reports that Los Angeles, the city with a massive influx of illegal aliens, maintains the “good cause” requirement.

The Court has yet to issues its decision in the case against Yolo County.

Many thanks to the Calguns Foundation for their great work and coverage of the decision.

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