Minnesota Shatters Conceal Permit Record

By @Orangeone4

I just love the Second Amendment!

Even in the blue state of Minnesota, handgun carry permits nearly doubled in just 1 year!


2013: 60,471 or 91% increase over 2012
2012: 31,657  or 52% increase over 2011
2011: 20,772 or 20% increase over 2010
2010: 17,240 or 23% decrease from 2009
2009:  22,378

Handgun carry permits in Minnesota are good for five years so each year reported are NEW permits!

But what does the Minnesota FOX affiliate report?  Crimes committed by handgun permit holders.  MyFox9 issues bias tweet:

If you dig into the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (“BCA”) report, you find ZERO of the domestic assault cases involved a handgun and MyFOX9 omits that from their tweet!  There goes the gun control theory. The BCA does report 540 permit denials, including 1 to an illegal alien.  Wonder if the illegal alien was arrested and deported, hah! Clearly the background check is working.  Here’s the other crimes:

Arson: 3 (handgun involved in 3 cases)
Assault: 29 (handgun involved in at  least 9 cases)
Domestic assault: 42 (none involving  handgun)
Kidnapping/abduction: 1 (unknown if handgun used)
Robbery: 2  (handgun used in at least 1 case)
Sex crimes: 2 (unknown if handgun used)

According to a CBS report, the BCA reports approximately 165,000 handgun carry permits currently issued.  If you divide the 79 crimes by 165,000, you can’t get close to even 1%.  In fact, it is only 0.047%. The percentage is even lower when you look at crimes committed with the use of a handgun, 0.0078%.

So where is the truth MyFOX9?  I tweeted you this but received no response:

In April 2013, the liberal Pioneer Press reported the Mexican drug cartel is expanding in the Midwest with cases in Minnesota.

‘”There are very few cases that we are conducting that do not have a link directly to a Mexican drug trafficking organization,” Dan Moren, the assistant special agent in charge of the DEA’s Minneapolis-St. Paul District Office, said Monday.’

In February 2013, the liberal Star Tribune reported about this murder, omitting of course that the defendants are illegal aliens:

“On Friday, in the opening day of a second-degree murder trial for Santana Martina Valdez, jurors were told how Andrew W. Braun, 38, bled to death last March after being attacked with a screwdriver, a samurai sword and a bayonet knife.

Valdez’s co-defendant, Carlos Yobani Flores Amador, is serving 25 years for the killing, and a third defendant, Maria H. Luna, pleaded guilty to being an accomplice. They were living under a bridge when arrested.”

Hold on to your seat, even the uber-liberal Huffington Post re-reported coverage by the Associated Press on the infiltration of America by the Mexican drug cartels in April 2013.

Surely the record breaking 100% increase in handgun carry permit holders between 2012 and 2013 has nothing to do with the increase in Mexican drug cartel, the increase in illegal aliens in MN that the GOP, especially Rand Paul and John Boehner are recruiting with their open borders and massive amnesty discussions, or the re-election of the most unpopular president in the 20th or 21st centuries.

But of course I wouldn’t expect an Obama mouthpiece like MyFOX9 to actually answer a question related to crime prevention.  They would rather mislead and outright deceive the public into believing handgun carry permit holders are violent criminals.

Hey, MyFOX9, I have a question for you.  How many of your employees were charged with the crimes listed above that ARE NOT handgun carry permit holders?  How many Minnesota citizens were charged with the same crimes that ARE NOT handgun carry permit holders?  Let’s compare shall we?