The Three To Watch – 1st Up Col. Rob Maness

By @Orangeone4

It’s humbling and an honor to raise awareness of three outstanding candidates for United States Senate.  In the first of our three-part blog series we feature Col. Rob Maness ret. (@ManessforLA) running for U.S. Senate from the Bayou State of Louisiana.  Watch for parts two and three featuring Rep. Stace Nelson (SD) and Heather Grant (NC).

Proud to Introduce Col. Rob Maness ret. – U.S. Senate Candidate from Louisiana

Rob Maness and family

I was first introduced to Col. Rob Maness through a follow tweet from Daniel Bongino ( @dbongino ), candidate for Maryland’s Sixth District and a man featured at Four Corners USA twice during this campaign (here and here).  If Bongino recommends a follow, consider it done.  My first interaction with Col. Maness was a thank you for the follow tweet and it was real, not an auto-generated tweet.

Col. Maness served in the United States Air Force for 32 years.  This man has dedicated his life to America, protecting her citizens and maintaining the freedoms millions have lost their life defending. And his service is unending with his dedication to our Miliary and Veterans.  From his website:

Rob made the decision as a 17 year old high school senior to enlist in the Air Force and served in the midst of the Iranian hostage crisis.

Rob completed his undergraduate degrees while attending night school at the University of Tampa and holds Masters degrees from Harvard University’s Kennedy School, the Air Command and Staff College, and the US College of Naval Warfare.

I understand why Col. Maness and Dan Bongino are such good friends, their stories are very similar in service to America and working while completing their education.

Col. Maness led combat operations during Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and many other operations.  Maness’ dedication to the military and America’s Veterans continues.  He is a “founding Board member at NOLA Patriots, Inc., a veteran’s advocacy group committed to preventing veteran suicides and ensuring military families have equal access to benefits.”  Maness created an annual scholarship fund for graduating high school students while President of the Military Officer’s Association of America local chapter.  And did I mention, he is a lifetime member of the NRA.

Maness on the Issues

For anyone that has followed me on Twitter, you already know that I am fearless in defense of the Constitution and push candidates very hard on the ongoing GOP debate of amnesty for individuals who have entered and/or remained in our country illegally.  I took my first stance when Ronald Reagan ran for President.  I refused to vote for him because of his pro-amnesty platform.  It is NEVER acceptable to reward people for violating the law, most especially the sovereignty of this nation.

So I pushed on Col. Maness, and you will see below in an upcoming blog, I pushed harder on Stace Nelson. Neither disappointed. In fact, both are very strong on the sovereignty of this country.

Check out my interaction with Col. Maness when I pushed on amnesty after Senator Paul’s endorsement.

More on Maness’ Positions (from his website)

*  Protect and Defend Individual Liberty and Constitutional Rights
*  Protect Your (“our”) 2nd Amendment Rights
*  Establish Economic Growth Policies
*  Tax Reform and Fiscal Responsibility
*  Maintain a Strong National Security Policy
*  International Security
*  Social Issues
*  Energy Independence and Security
*  Repeal the Obama/Landrieu Government Healthcare Takeover
*  Immigration and Border Security
*  Education

In closing, watch Rob Maness at the Million Veteran March.

My favorite quotes:

“We have taken back our ground and we will keep it because we are Americans first before we are anything else…How dare you keep combat Veterans off this sacred ground.”

More details on Col. Rob Maness’ positions are on his website (source for this blog).  Help restore our country and honor to our Constitution. Follow Maness on Twitter ( @RobManess ), post on FaceBook, and be sure to spread the word.  If you live in Louisiana, be sure to vote for him!