#SC – 2 US Senate Seats, 1st Up Lee Bright

Lee Bright – Running Against Lindsey Graham

lee bright

South Carolina, PLEASE term limit Lindsey Graham and bring the Conservative spirit back to South Carolina’s other U.S. Senate seat!

My introduction to Candidate Lee Bright was this amazing tweet!  For anyone who doubts a strong message can be delivered in 140 characters, Bright demonstrates just how to do it.  And a zinger it is.

No one is surprised by Graham’s failure to reply.  Currently, a state Senator for South Carolina, Bright’s positions are what we need in the U.S. Senate!

Bright on the Issues (from his website)

Immigration – “Protecting our borders and standing up for the rule of law are critical. Lee strongly believes we should support immigrants who come to America legally and abide by our laws, but never should we support any form of amnesty. Instead, immediate attention should be given to securing the border.”

Second Amendment – “Lee Bright strongly believes that the Constitution should be taken literally when it says that our right to bear arms ‘shall not be infringed’.  Lee proposed a state Constitutional Carry Amendment, sponsored the Firearms Freedom Act, Firearms Liberty Act and many other bills.  Lee has an ‘A’ rating from the NRA and he did an AR15 gun giveaway!!!!!

Civil Liberties – “Right now, the Federal government is in the process of an overreach of power that threatens our constitutional rights like never before. The IRS is targeting conservative groups to suppress freedom of speech; the NSA is gathering all of our communications data and invading our privacy; the TSA strips us of our dignity when we get on a plane; and gun rights across the country are being threatened by liberal activist organizations and politicians.”

National Security – His is likely the strongest national security statement I’ve read apart from Allen West’s!

  • Constitution requires federal government’s core function is national security.
  • Liberty depends on a strong military.
  • Constitution must be followed and only Congress alone has the power to declare and commit our troops to war.
  • Military should never be sent into harm’s way without a clear mission authorized by Congress.
  • We must be prepared to allow our military to fight and win in combat.
  • Vital part of national defense is commitment to the men and women in our nation’s armed forces.
  • Veterans must be at the front of the line for medical treatment.
  • We must maintain our commitment to protecting our allies, however, they need to shoulder a larger share of their own defense.
  • Misguided economic policies, uncontrollable Federal spending and unsustainable debts are a great threat
  • Our military must the best equipment we can supply them and strong oversight on  spending

WATCH a couple of his great videos, starting with Glenn Beck and Operation Defeat Lindsey Graham where he speaks on the FLAT TAX, then his moving tribute to Veterans at Memorial Park, and finally taking on Lindsey Grahamnesty as the “community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Read Bright’s complete issues statements here, catch his OUTSTANDING blogs here and donate to his campaign here.

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