#SC 2 US Senate Seats, 2nd Up Sen. Tim Scott

U.S. Senator Tim Scott (@SenatorTimScott)

By @orangeone4

tim scott with mother

For those that follow FourCornersUSA and my personal tweets,  you know Senator Scott is my Vice Presidential choice for 2016, paired with Lt. Col. Allen West as the Presidential Candidate! But first, we MUST support Senator Scott in the 2014 election for the Senate seat he currently holds.

On the Issues

Opportunity Agenda – Senator Scott’s brain child to create greater possibilities for success for American students, workers, and families!  Listen to Senator Tim Scott speak about his Opportunity Agenda and his mentor, Chick-Fil-A, and the ‘freedom fries’!

Education – Senator Scott’s key issue is education and the parents, not the government’s right to choose whether their children attend public school, a charter school or are homeschooled.  Read more in The Post and Courier’s March 13, 2014 article and his official statements.

Immigration – His June 2013 statement after voting NO on the Gang of 8 Amnesty bill: “There’s no question our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed, beginning with securing our border before moving forward with other aspects of reform. Unfortunately, the legislation that passed today does not take that necessary step. I believe we can and should tackle immigration reform with targeted, responsible efforts that secure the border, enforce existing laws, and create a workable, efficient system for future immigrants. I am hopeful that we will arrive at a more focused final product that fixes our immigration challenges and finally addresses the realities along our border.”

Taxpayers Right to Know Act – Senator Scott introduced this bill with Senator Coburn in March 2014!  This Act, if passed “would require every federal agency to produce an annual report card for each of its programs.  The bill requires each government program to be identified and described, including the total administrative costs of the program, expenditures for services, number of beneficiaries who receive assistance from the program, and an estimate of the number of staff, including contractors, who administers the program.”  Read his full press release here.

Obamacare – Senator Scott joined 23 of his GOP colleagues for the Obama Administration to immediately rescind the Obamacare carveout for unions.  Read his press release here.

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