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If @mjselker @mjs4freedom and @freedomsfool tweet on a candidate, @fourcornersusa1 listens!  Read what @redstate is saying about Boehner’s Bootlickers that rode the Tea Party wave in 2012 and need to be replaced with TRUE #TeaParty candidates Andrew McNeil (featured here), David Stockdale IN-5 (@DavidStockdale5) and Kathy Lowe Heil IN-9 (@kathyforindiana) (featured soon).


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Meet Andrew McNeil (IN-8) (@mcneil4congress) – True #TeaParty Candidate

How’s this for an introduction?  It doesn’t leave us wondering where McNeil stands on our Secod Amendment!

And this OUT OF THE PARK tweet:




Read the OurLibertyElections.com recommendation here and here.

On The Issues (summarized from his Position page on his campaign site)

Immigration – “America’s borders must be secured…Illegally entering this country shows disrespect for our nation, her traditions, and greatness…(T)herefore I do not support amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

National Security and Military – “I believe a strong, well funded, cutting-edge military is the best deterrent to war. Our troops are called to defend our nation and allies, not police the world.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the men and women who have served our country and continue to voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way for us…I support eliminating Homeland Security, reigning in the NSA, and requiring full accountability for all other agencies that have been acquiring firearms.”

Foreign Policy – “The guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be what is in the best interest of the United States.   This means that I do not support the sovereignty of the United States being subjugated by the United Nations.  We must stop sending foreign aid to enemies of the United States and countries who actively support our enemies. I stand with the nation of Israel, our only democratic ally in the unstable Middle East.”

Second Amendment – “The second amendment was passed to ensure a well armed citizenry.  It is a means to protect ourselves, and deter a tyrannical government. It is unconstitutional to limit or regulate a law abiding citizen the right to bear arms. I will fight to protect this right at all costs. I am a member of the NRA.”

Education – “Every parent should have a choice in their child’s education.  Our schools should not be regulated or controlled by the federal government. It is the role of individual states, local communities, and especially parents to decide how and where children are educated.  I support homeschool, and private and charter schools as viable alternatives to traditional public education.”  McNeil was homeschooled and is a HUGE supporter!

Energy Independence – “America is rich in natural resources. Oil and natural gas are plentiful on our own continent.  The federal government must open the gateway for utilizing our own oil fields…I support American oil and coal companies and responsible energy exploration.”

Obamacare – “I am against ObamaCare and all that it stands for. This monstrosity will fund abortions, and assisted suicide, control who will live, and die, and wreck our economy.  It must be overturned in Congress.  This is urgent and critical to ensure the survival of America as it was founded.  I support free market reforms for healthcare including, but not limited to, health savings accounts, tort reform, and insurance portability.”

Debt and Deficit – I believe our government should live within its means and should be held to the same standards as every Hoosier family…It is time for our government to “cut up the credit cards”, live on a budget, pay off debts and save for the future.”  Watch his video here.

Learn more about Andrew McNeil at his campaign site, contribute to his campaign here, follow him on Twitter (@mcneil4congress) and LIKE him on Facebook.

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