#IN-9 U.S. House Candidate Kathy Lowe Heil @kathyforindiana

By @orangeone4

Meet Kathy (from her campaign site)

“Kathy Lowe-Heil does not have a law degree or a PhD.  She is an average American citizen, that has experienced the pain of working all week, to take home half her earnings.  She has tried to live within a budget.  But, the government continues to take more and more of what they believe is their fair share.  She has cut out most luxuries and cut quality on necessities.  Kathy knows that as long as middle income Americans have little or no disposable income, there is no hope for job creation.  Like you and me she is sick and tired of being sick and tired.  She does not have wealth or big business cronies; she does not have a political bloodline.  Kathy Lowe-Heil is a typical taxpaying citizen, the kind our Forefathers intended to run this country. She has enough courage to stand up and say she has had enough, and she is asking you to join the fight to save the American dream.”

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On The Issues (from her campaign site)

Obamacare – “The best way to make healthcare affordable again is to take the federal government out of the equation. Insurance should be available across state lines and left to the free markets.  The Affordable Care Act is not only unaffordable, it is unconstitutional.  Most regulations on healthcare providers do more to hinder than to guarantee the quality of services provided.”  This tweet, however, raises a yellow flag.

Education – “The federal Department of Education should be eliminated.  Education should be managed at the state and local levels.  Schools should be as competitive as the market they are preparing our children for.  Why should our tax dollars go to the federal government for a portion to trickle back down to the local schools?”

Second Amendment – “‘”Shall not be infringed’,  what part of that do they not understand?”

Tenth Amendment – “The Tenth Amendment reads: ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’  The 10th Amendment was designed to protect state sovereignty as well as Individual rights.  It is not only the right but the duty of the states to implement the 10th Amendment to deter the dangers related to an all too powerful centralized government.”

Debt and Deficit – “Today the U.S. government borrows over 40 cents of every dollar that it spends.  Our Nation’s debt is greater than our Gross Domestic Product.  It has to stop!  The government (sic) is borrowing against the future of our children and grand children.  Cutting only one cent from every dollar we spend should be something everyone can live with.  Would you really notice if you only spent $99 at the grocery this week instead of $100?  Or $49.50 in the gas tank vs $50.  It is the exact same approach.  Failure to cut that 1% now, will lead to tax increases that exceed 1% by far.  Simply cutting discretionary spending by 1% would reduce federal spending by $7.5 T over 10 years and balance the budget in 6.”

Cautionary Notes

Caution 1 – Kathy’s campaign site is silent on the topic of immigration and border security.  Although Indiana may be far from the border with Mexico, illegal aliens and their criminal behavior are prevalent throughout the U.S.

Caution 2 – Lowe-Heil supports legalization of marijuana and looks to tax revenues as a positive with no discussion about what medical professionals have found to be destructive impacts to children, not to mention the unborn.

Caution 3 – Lowe-Heil’s positions appear Libertarian rather than conservative not to mention the Rand Paul retweets. (read my Beware An April Fool – Rand Paul blog here.)  If a candidate is a Libertarian running on the Republican ticket, that, in my opinion, is deceiving voters.

Learn more and decide for yourself whether Kathy Lowe Heil should represent your district at her campaign site and follow her on Twitter (@kathyforindiana).

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