UPDATED: Four Corners Features US Candidates from #IN #LA #MD #MN #NE #NC #PA #SC #SD & #GA Gov

By @orangeone4
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Consistent with our mission, FourCornersUSA (@fourcornersusa1) features U.S. candidates that FULLY support our Constitution, Rule of Law and the foundation of our country!  Please check this blog frequently as we will update to include blog links for future candidates featured.

United States Senate

State Candidate
Louisiana Col. Rob Maness, ret. Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
Minnesota Phillip C. Parrish Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
Nebraska Ben Sasse Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
North Carolina All Candidates Blog . . .
North Carolina Heather Grant Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
South Carolina Lee Bright Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott Blog Twitter . Website
South Dakota Rep. Stace Nelson Blog Twitter FaceBook Website


United States House of Representatives

State Candidate
Indiana-05 David Stockdale Blog Twitter . Website
Indiana-08 Andrew McNeil Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
Indiana-09 Kathy Lowe Heil Blog Twitter . Website
Maryland-06 Daniel Bongino Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
North Carolina-02 Frank Roche Blog Twitter FaceBook Website
Pennesylvania-09 Art Halvorson Blog Twitter FaceBook Website

and NEW


State Candidate
Georgia David Pennington Blog Twitter FaceBook Website


Keep checking back with us as we continue to feature additional U.S. Senate and House candidates around the country!

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  1. Jon Jon

    My my…………… It appears not a single GOP prop or con artist featured. You guys and gals are “heretics”, flying in the face of the statist GOP machine and all its props. I could mention names but I trust you have a good idea as to the many frauds. Keep up the good work.

    And to those currently in Congress with a “R” after their name who EVER put their name (vote) to ANY piece of legislation that violated OUR Bill of Rights, OUR Constitution, added to the national debt, diminished our national sovereignty, weakened our military…………….. At least I, if only myself know you for what you are and speak out against you (am fully against you) at any opportunity available. I wish every constituent did.

    So many ignorant citizens……………………………………..

    • orangeone4

      Thank you for your support. We try and feature Constitutional conservatives and are not afraid to include our concerns if a candidate is endorsed by someone with a questionable voting record or public statements.