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By @Orangeone4

I was introduced to Phillip Parrish through Twitter!  Being a Minnesota citizen, vetting of the candidates is vital as we select Al Franken’s replacement!


“Support and encourage those among us demonstrating honor, courage, commitment, integrity, honesty, a genuine love for our constitution, America, and Minnesota to believe they can stand up and lead. Honor those who have suffered and died in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all.”

Meet #OathKeeper Phillip Parrish (@phillipcparrish). 

Phillip parrish and son

Paraphrased from his campaign site:

  • has always displayed a work ethic that has caused others to stand up and take notice
  • took on multiple jobs to help his family make ends meet through high school, high school class president
  • graduated from Mankato State University with degree in education, earned Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and a Specialist Degree in Educational Administration
  • worked his way through college with part time jobs and scholarships
  • Intelligence Specialist in U.S. Navy Reserve, deployed to Europe as a noncommissioned officer in response to the attacks on 9/11/01;
  • accepted direct commission as intelligence officer and analyst in 2007, decorated commissioned officer, led with honor as a subject matter expert on Russia and the Caucasus, deployed to Afghanistan to work with ISAF as a collections manager in the Special Operations Fusion Cell and to the U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) to serve in concert with the Royal Air Force in the Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC) in the United Kingdom.
  • Math, music and civics teacher in Minnesota’s public school system
  • Principal at Gerard Academy and Treatment Center for youth with emotional and behavioral disorders, counseling students and managing the academy’s $1.7 million budget and $1.3 million capital improvements projects, liaison to the Department of Education as subject matter expert

Watch his introductory video here:

On the Issues (from his campaign site)

National Security – “Phillip Parrish believes a national foreign policy based on Peace through Strength is the best formula to safeguard our shores.  As the next U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Phillip will work to maximize Minnesota’s role in equipping America’s military with the resources and technological edge necessary to win the conflicts of the 21st century…Parrish recognizes the chief responsibility of Congress is to protect the American people from threats to our national security, both foreign and domestic.”  Read about Minnesota entrepreneurs and technology used by our military here.  

Empower States – “The Highway Trust Fund is insolvent and the Obama Administration and Democratic Party Liberals, like Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren, are intent on raising the Federal Gasoline Excise Tax by 10 cents to 18 cents per gallon.  Phillip Parrish believes it is time to empower Minnesota to rise above the gridlock and EPA agendas in Washington DC by phasing out the Highway Trust Fund. ”  Read his full position statement here.

Immigration – “Congress has failed in its responsibility to secure our borders.  Phillip Parrish opposes blanket amnesty for those in America illegally.  Phillip believes that enforcing current laws and cutting federal funding to “sanctuary cities” are the first two steps Congress should take in the quest to mend our broken immigration system.”  Continue reading his position on our rule of law and expedited deportations here.

Protect Our Courts – “Phillip Parrish believes that the U.S. Constitution is the most positive expression of social justice the world has ever witnessed.  To protect America’s federal courts, Phillip will filibuster and oppose the confirmation of activist judicial nominees.  To Restore OUR Republic, Phillip will vote to confirm judicial nominees who have consistently based their rulings on the original intention of the framers of the Constitution.”  You can read his commitment in full here.

Second Amendment – “The Second Amendment to the Constitution is clear: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  As a member of the National Rifle Association, Phillip Parrish opposes any encroachment on the Second Amendment, and when elected to serve Minnesota, Phillip will oppose any future attempt to erode the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms.  To Phillip’s mind, the issue is cut and dry—gun rights are not negotiable.”

Enhance Adoption as the Option – “Phillip Parrish believes in the sanctity of every human life and in the restorative power of the American family unit. By enhancing Adoption as an Option, Phillip will pursue a legislative agenda that empowers women, saves innocent lives and restores hope to those in foster care.  As an adoptive father and as a former Principal of the Austin based Gerard Academy and Treatment Center for girls and boys with behavioral disorders, Phillip is uniquely qualified to craft legislation that promotes Adoption as an Option for expectant mothers considering abortion.

Farewell to Obamacare – Read Parrish’s repeal and replacement position here.

Abolish the Death Tax – “The American people overwhelmingly believe that the Federal Estate Tax is nothing short of a double tax on a life’s worth of hard work.  Phillip Parrish agrees and believes that the Death Tax is both punitive and immoral.  The number one reason families are not handing small farms and businesses down to the next generation in America today, remains the Death Tax.  Abolishing the Death Tax will generate over 1 million jobs around the country at a time when millions of Americans have given up the search.  As Senator, Phillip Parrish will stand as a champion of the American dream by supporting legislation that enacts the full and permanent repeal of the Federal Estate Tax.  Death should never be a taxable event.” (emphasis added)

Read more on Phillip C. Parrish at his campaign site, contribute to his campaign here, volunteer in his quest to defeat Al Franken here, follow him on Twitter (@PhillipCParrish) and LIKE him on FaceBook.

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