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If @mjselker @mjs4freedom and @freedomsfool tweet on a candidate, @fourcornersusa1 listens!  Read what @redstate is saying about Boehner’s Bootlickers that rode the Tea Party wave in 2012 and need to be replaced with TRUE #TeaParty candidates David Stockdale IN-5 (featured here), Andrew McNeil IN-8 (@mcneil4congress) (our blog here) and Kathy Lowe Heil IN-9 (@kathyforindiana) (featured soon).


Indiana 5

Indiana 5th

On The Issues

Immigration – Stockdale’s website is silent on immigration, however, the following tweets  answer the question.



Second Amendment -“The Bill of Rights is not a suggestion! The federal government believes we become safer by forfeiting our rights as American citizens. When Washington tells us that limiting magazine sizes on firearms or targeting specific firearms for elimination will make us safer, it overlooks the failure of gun control in the past and present. It overlooks the root causes of violent crime in our country. Disarming law abiding citizens makes us less safe and emboldens criminals who ignore gun control laws. Anyone who believes that we will never need to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government overlooks the incremental elimination of liberty and the rapid growth of power and size of the federal government in recent history. I will defend without exception every American’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.”

Taxes – Stockdale supports the Fair Tax!  “Until there is enough support in Congress for the Fair Tax, I will oppose tax increases on anyone or any group. I will fight to lower the corporate and personal tax rates…While fighting to simplify the existing tax code, my long term goals are the passage of the Fair Tax and the elimination of the IRS.”  Read his full position statement here.

National Defense and Our Military – “Six of the seventeen enumerated powers of the Constitution pertain to the federal government’s role in providing for the national defense for its citizens. In Congress I will support the government’s role in national defense and ensure we are providing our military and intelligence agencies the resources they need to be successful…Our Armed Forces are filled with well trained and brave patriots who willingly serve to protect our people, our country, and our liberties as Americans…I do not support putting those who serve in the military in conflict without a clear definition of the mission and of what victory will look like. Any conflict must follow the Constitution and be approved by Congress and not be a decision only made by the executive branch.”  Continue reading his position here.

Civil Liberties – Stockdale’s strong statement on the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution: “Allowing the executive branch to indefinitely detain American Citizens without charges or trial on only a suspicion that they may be associated with terrorists is a violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This violation sets a dangerous precedent for all Americans.”  Read his entire statement here.

Abortion – David’s position statement is clear and concise and one upon which ALL conservatives should concur: “The constitutional function of the federal government is to protect life, liberty, and property. I am a firm believer that life begins at conception. I oppose any public funding for abortions.”

Education – A great 10th Amendment position:  “I believe that local school boards and parents should have control over curriculum and testing standards decisions. I will only support reforms that take control of education away from the Federal Government and put decisions on curriculum and testing standards in the hands of the States who best understand the unique educational needs of their local communities…Parents should have the choice of where to send their children to school or to homeschool without the interference or cumbersome oversight of the federal government.”  Continue reading here.

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